Department of the air force trademark licensing program


The Department of the Air Force Licensing program is responsible for maintaining the integrity of our services marks. The countless number of Air & Space Forces designs are often requested for use commercially, by the public for memorial and recognition purposes, by service members and their families, and even to appear in major motion pictures and best selling books. We make sure all these uses are in line with our service's core values: Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do. 

Merchandise Licensing

The benefit of merchandise licensing is incredible. The United States Air & Space Forces Intellectual Property Management office is completely self-funded due to royalties. That means no tax payer dollars are paying for mark registrations and operating costs. After trademark registrations and the costs of operating the office are funded, the remaining money is then returned to the Department of the Air Force to support morale programs. That means when you buy an officially licensed product you're supporting Airmen and their families. If you have a product you think would help spread the word about the Air Force then you need a MERCHANDISE LICENSE! If you are already one of the over 200 licensees we currently work with and you wish to renew your license please visit our LICENSE RENEWAL page

Public Requests

Military support is at an all time high and we couldn't appreciate it more. Cities, organizations, schools, and people all over are looking for ways honor the armed services. We couldn't be more pleased to work with your organization to make sure your display of official military symbols is in accordance with the law. Public use (non-merchandise, non-retail) requests include tribute walls, monuments, pavers, military appreciation events, commemorative apparel, and internet use.  If you wish to use service marks please fill out our PUBLIC REQUEST FORM. Also, be sure to check out the Department of Defense Guidelines for the use of all military symbols HERE.

Federal Employee Use

Federal employees and their families can use the U.S. Air Force Symbol and Space Force logo on personal items: shirts, banners, cakes, invitations. It is a fantastic way to show your pride in your service or to support a loved one. As more businesses find out about the Air & Space Forces trademark registrations they are requiring permission letters from our office. If you fill out the form HERE, we'll be happy to contact you. If you are a local military unit setting up a display or have questions about proper display please contact your local public affairs office for guidance.

Entertainment Requests

The Department of the Air Force is involved with the entertainment industry to ensure the marks and service members they represent are properly used. We understand the importance of accurate portrayals and our involvement in telling a rich and compelling story. Our two entertainment Liaison Offices located in New York and Los Angeles do an incredible job working with television news and entertainment, books, and even the biggest blockbusters. We want to make sure you have the materials to tell your story in the most complete way possible. From the initial presentation down to merchandising options. Please let us know what you need by contacting us HERE and we'll be happy to help.  


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