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Air Force Symbol Meaning

The Air Force Symbol is the official symbol of the United States Air Force. It honors the heritage of our past and represents the promise of our future. Furthermore, it retains the core elements of our Air Corps heritage, the "Arnold" wings and star with circle, and modernizes them to reflect our air and space force of today and tomorrow.

Air force Signature


  • The U.S. Air Force signature consists of the Air Force Symbol and the logotype (U.S. Air Force) 
  • The Symbol can be used with or without the logotype
  • If used with the logotype, the two elements are in a fixed relationship and cannot be altered.
  • The only alternate words permitted "directly" under the Symbol are those approved by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (see Formats)

Air Force Symbol Poster Series

The Air Force Public Affairs Agency produced a poster series explaining each element of the symbol. Like our Airmen, each individual part has a role to play in representing our service but is truly great when all those individual elements come together to work as a whole.


Poster Version  File Type 
Air Force Symbol  Vertical Horizontal .jpg 
Air and Space Power
 Vertical Horizontal .jpg
Core Values   Vertical Horizontal  .jpg
 One Force, One Family Vertical Horizontal  .jpg
 Global Power  Vertical Horizontal .jpg

the official air force symbol

The Air Force Symbol is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. It's registration number is 2,767,190. The Air Force Trademark & Licensing Program enforces the U.S. Air Force's trademark rights by working with Air Force legal counsel and the Department of Justice for instances requiring legal action.

2013-2023 Registration
2003-2013 Registration

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