Department of the Air Force Trademark Registrations

Did you know that the Dept. of the Air Force (DAF) has several active trademark registrations? Fun fact: we have over 40 active trademark registrations.

Our more commonly known registered trademarks range from the Air Force Symbol, the United States Air Force Academy logo to our premier aerial demonstration fighter jets - the Thunderbirds logo. Our most recent registered trademark occurred in early 2022, which is one of our U.S. Space Force vertical logo versions where text "USSF" is placed directly below the Delta. 

In all cases, our team serves as the front line defense for the DAF brand through vigilant guarding of all our trademarks. To view Dept. of the Air Force active trademark registrations, click the following link: DAF Active Trademark Registrations.

Trademark Authorization

Dept. of the Air Force (DAF) retains the right to withhold licensing of certain products, which includes, but is not limited to, alcohol, tobacco, drug or smoking paraphernalia, firearms, weapons of any type, undergarments, products sexual in nature, food or drink items (consumables), cosmetics (to include fragrances, soaps and hair products), medical devices or products contrary to the good order and discipline of the DAF.

Department of Defense employees, their families and veterans are required to get a license if they have a company, small business or hobby that intends to sell products bearing any DAF trademark. If interested in the use of our trademarks for commercial purposes, please visit our licensing section of our website, or click HERE to be directed to that page.

Department of Defense and DAF policy and regulations prohibit use of official DAF markings, insignia and symbols in ways that imply endorsement of a commercial or non-federal entity or activity. (5 CFR Part 2635.702, DoD Joint Ethics Regulation, DoD 5500.7-R and DODI 5535.12).This applies to all DAF markings and symbols, including the Air Force Symbol and Space Force logo.

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