Trademark Registrations

The Official Air Force Symbol
The Air Force Symbol is registered with the
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It's registration number 2,767,190. The Air Force Trademark & Licensing Program enforces the U.S. Air Force's trademark rights by working with Air Force legal counsel and the Department of Justice for instances requiring legal action.

2013-2023 Registration
2003-2013 Registration

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds
The Thunderbirds name and emblems are registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The registration numbers are 5,306,064 (Thunderbirds outline emblem), 5,306,081 (USAF Thunderbirds), and 5,306,062 (Thunderbirds symbol).

2017-2027 Registration


The following documents are available for current USAF and USSF Licensees to update information pertaining to their licenses. Filling these forms out is not a guarantee that your contract will be updated. All manufacturing and distribution channel changes need to be approved prior to use.  


Sales Reporting Guide  A guide on how to upload quarterly sales data into DLH Acrobat (.pdf)
Design Approval Guide A guide on how to upload artwork submissions into DLH    Acrobat (.pdf) 
Adding/Removing Users A guide on how to add/remove users into DLH Acrobat (.pdf)
Annual Business Summary Template for mandatory annual business summary Acrobat (.pdf)
Disclosing a Manufacturer A guide on how to submit and disclose a manufacturer in DLH Acrobat (.pdf)
New Rights Request          A guide on how to request a new right to current licensee's agreement in DLH Acrobat (.pdf)
*Artwork/Site Navigation Video Training video for DLH artwork submissions and site navigation Video (.mp4)


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