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Air Force Symbol Poster Series

The Air Force Public Affairs Agency produced a poster series explaining each element of the Symbol. Like our Airmen, each individual part has a role to play in representing our service but is truly great when all those individual elements come together to work as a whole.

Air Force Symbol Poster Air Force Symbol Poster

Poster Version  File Type 
Air Force Symbol  Vertical Horizontal .jpg 
Air and Space Power  Vertical Horizontal .jpg
Core Values   Vertical Horizontal  .jpg
 One Force, One Family Vertical Horizontal  .jpg
 Global Power  Vertical Horizontal .jpg


The following documents are available for current USAF and USSF Licensees to update information pertaining to their licenses. Filling these forms out is not a guarantee that your contract will be updated. All manufacturing and distribution channel changes need to be approved prior to use.   

Sales Reporting Guide  A guide on how to upload quarterly sales data into DLH Acrobat (.pdf)
Design Approval Guide A guide on how to upload artwork submissions into DLH    Acrobat (.pdf) 
Adding/Removing Users A guide on how to add/remove users into DLH Acrobat (.pdf)
Annual Business Summary Template for mandatory annual business summary Acrobat (.pdf)
Disclosing a Manufacturer A guide on how to submit and disclose a manufacturer in DLH Acrobat (.pdf)
New Rights Request          A guide on how to request a new right to current licensee's agreement in DLH Acrobat (.pdf)
Sales Report Form used to manually submit sales reports. Acrobat (.xlxs)


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