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Federal Employee Requests

Federal employees and their families can use the U.S. Air Force Symbol and U.S. Space Force logo on personal items such as shirts, banners and invitations. It is a great way to show pride for your service or show support for a loved one. However, many businesses require permission from the Air Force and Space Force Intellectual Property (IP) Management office prior to creating a product.

The Air Force and Space Force IP Management office will work with federal employees who plan to use a DAF IP for projects approved by our office. If you have questions regarding display guidelines or would like to submit a one-time request, we ask that you fill out the form

Public Requests

In certain circumstances, the Air Force and Space Force IP Management office works with non-federal entities (NFEs) such as cities, community organizations, schools and individuals who are searching for new ways to honor the Armed Forces. When it comes to tribute walls, monuments, pavers, military appreciation events, or commemorative apparel, look no further. Our subject matter experts will work with your organization to ensure your display is in accordance with the law.

If you wish to use DAF service marks, please fill out our PUBLIC REQUEST FORM. Also be sure to check out the Department of Defense Guidelines for the use of all military service marks HERE.

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Entertainment and Publication Requests

The Department of the Air Force works with the entertainment industry to ensure all service marks, scripted and unscripted entertainment production meets the criteria of properly depicting our service branches and the Department of Defense. Our team understands the importance of accurate representation when telling a rich and compelling story.

Our two Entertainment Liaison Offices, located in New York and Los Angeles, work with the motion picture industry, publishing industry and the media to ensure commercial entities tell their stories in the most complete way possible. This includes working with the respective industries from the initial presentation down to merchandising options.

If you have any questions or need assistance with a movie or broadcast, please contact the Department of the Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office. For Air Force production support, email For Space Force production support email If you have any questions or need assistance with a book, please contact the NYC National Engagement Office at