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Air Force Employee Request

Air Force members and their families often want to have personal items or something special for their unit. We can help connect you to officially licensed vendors and produce documentation, when needed, authorizing one time use licenses. Common requests are for personalized coins, retirement memorabilia, unit morale items, and program logos. If you need assistance follow the easy steps below and we'll be happy to help you tell your Air Force story. 

How to apply for assistance

  1. Review AFI 35-114, Attachment 2 for information regarding personal items.
  2. Identify an officially licensed vendor using our complete list of licensees
  3. Complete the request form HERE.
  4. When contacted by a Branding and Trademark Licensing specialist, have a PDF file of your design ready for review
  5. After the item is produced, snap a photo and share it with us. We love to see how your projects turn out!

Contact licensing@us.af.mil if you have any questions regarding process.


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