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United States Air Force Branding & Trademark Licensing approves newest licensees


The Air Force Branding and Trademark Licensing Office approved Bunker 27, Grunt Apparel Inc., 2 My Hero, The Northwest Company, Imperial Penworks LLC, Annin & Co. Inc., SSP Flags Inc., Wood-n-Whimsies LLC, RV Laser, E Warther & Sons Inc., Medals of America LTD, Gabby's Quilts, Dynamic Drinkware, Autograph, Ira Green Inc., Wendell August Forge Inc., Proof Products USA LLC, Alex Orthopedic Inc., Source Advantage LTD, and TA Wood and Vinyl as licensed vendors of Air Force merchandise.

These companies joined more than 200 approved licensees and will now offer various products that feature the Air Force symbol, emblem and word marks. For a complete list of the products they will offer, check out our current list of licensees at http://www.trademark.af.mil/licenseholders/index.asp.

The best way for consumers to support the U.S. Air Force when they’re purchasing merchandise is to look for the “officially licensed” label on products and only buy from companies holding official licenses.

For more information on the Air Force Branding & Trademark Licensing program, visit http://www.trademark.af.mil.