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Air Force Trademark and Licensing office provides cash support for MWR programs

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt Delia Marchick
  • Air Force Trademark and Licensing office
The Air Force Trademark and Licensing office and Air Force Personnel Center Directorate of Services combine efforts to enhance the quality of life for Airmen and their families.

Trademark and Licensing, operated out of the Air Force Public Affairs Agency, is one of the few Air Force programs that is revenue generating and directed to be self-sustaining.

"In its relatively short existence, our program has witnessed great success and growth," said April Rowden, chief of the T&L program, citing the nearly 200 licensees currently approved to use the Air Force Symbol or emblem on commercial products ranging from apparel to sporting equipment to home goods.

Under 10 USC 2260, the military services are authorized to identify, register and license their trademarks, as well as collect royalties for the licensing activity.

"In 2012, our royalty collections exceeded our program costs so we were able to donate $125,000 to the Services Directorate," said Rowden. "We were pleased to have the profits support our Airmen and their families through quality programs like Cook it Up, One Page at a Time, the Arts and Crafts Gallery, and Football Frenzy."

"Our primary focus is to enhance the quality of life for our Airmen so they can focus on the mission, and the support (from T&L) is critical - our Airmen and their families benefit from it," said Elizabeth Horner, the Services Directorate chief of strategic marketing. "For every T&L dollar received, the Directorate of Services is able to buy down operating costs for numerous Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs centrally developed and managed by the directorate."

Specifically, the T&L support allows for increased funding allocation for centrally developed and managed MWR programs which frees up funding for critical MWR construction and renovation projects, said Horner.

Consumers are encouraged to look for the "Officially Licensed Product of the United States Air Force" identifier on Air Force-branded products when shopping. Buying officially licensed products directly supports Airmen and their families.

For more information on the Air Force Trademark and Licensing program, visit