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Group Photo of Branding and Trademark Licensing Team Group Photo of Branding and Trademark Licensing Team

TM Connect


news letter archives

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Issue No. Topics Files
4 - Report through Trademarx, Pay through CRS
- Annual Business Plans
- Loggin Into Trademarx
- Updating E-mail Addresses
Winter 2016
pdf          doc
 3 - Online Reporting
- Unapproved Merchandise
- Reporting Updates
- Web Site Update
- USPTO National Trademark Expo
Fall 2016
pdf          doc
2 - Licensing Expo 2016
- New Payment Options
- New Brand Guides
- New Team Members
- Login Updates
- The Approval Process
Summer 2016
pdf          doc
 1 - Meet the Team
- Annual Business Plans
- Contact Information Change
- License Compliance
- Social Responsibility
- Women in the Service
Spring 2016
pdf          doc

Report through Trademarx, pay through CRS, Happy Birthday Air Force!, Annual
business plan due date, Trademarx troubleshooting, Updating your e-mail addresses
and more!


Issue No. Topics Files
 6 - Coming soon...updated hangtags
- Reaching the Air Force Licensing Office
- E-billing and online pay
- TM Connect publication update
- Trouble resetting your password?
pdf          doc
5 - E-billing Fully Implemented
- Reaching an Air Force Licensing Specialist
- Licensing Expo 2017
- AF Expands Logo Portfolio
- Trademarx Log-On Help

pdf          doc

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